A Curated Collection of Smart Home Products and Construction Solutions.

High-end Luxury Home Designs Available.

Innovative Home Designers

Signature Smart Construction takes pride in providing technology to aid in our management of construction projects, we combine this with a unique or pre-design concept that will be customized to satisfy our client.

Call us for our next Demo, Junk Hauling, or Home Remodel.

Pre-Fab Homes & ADU’s Constructed in a Factory, Installed in a Day!

Container Homes

Custom & Pre-Designed Homes

Solar Panels – off-grid, eco-friendly – Water system- Schedule – build in 2 months

-Tough Exterior protects against natural disasters – A/C

High-end luxury exterior finishes 

Using your smartphone or tablet, you will have remote control of your unit.

All units must be installed by our certified technician or an electrician that we are partnered with.

We need to perform a site analysis to determine viability.

Solar Solutions


Sits in the yard and tracks the sun from dawn to dusk, always maintaining its 90 degree angle with the sun. It cools itself off and self-cleans itself.

Produces 4,000 to 6,200 kWh per year. You will likely need more than one system to power your home.

Custom Homes


High-end finishes with modern designs, no issues with permitting, design or on-sight construction, energy efficient.

Pay deposit, 1-2 months: we conduct entitlement services. 1-3 months. We will prepare the site for onsite work. 1 month for delivery & installation, onsite work for the foundation and utility connections.

Smart Home Systems

  • Climate Control
  • Access
  • Lighting
  • Sensors
  • Security


We can come into your home or office and demo down to the studs if you’d like… read more.

Junk Hauling

When you want to get any amount of items removed from your home or office, just call us, we’ll give you a quote, load up our truck, and clean up before we go.… read more.

Construction Clean up

It’s important to keep your job site clean and orderly, it also reduces waste and impresses the property owner and makes the contractor look professional… read more.

Remodeling / New Construction

With specialists in every trade, we are able to handle any remodel or new construction project. We can use existing ideas or help you with a custom design.

Smart Options

Wireless Sensors & Controls

Security Solutions

Personal Emergency Solutions

Video Surveillance

Audio Video Data Solutions

Entry Solutions

Radio Controls

Intercom Solutions

Affordable, Quality Construction Services. Resources, Technology, and Transparency makes us unique from other construction professionals.

What Our Customers are Saying

Greg Wilson – Developer

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